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“Greg's ministry is professional, inspirational, life-giving, and an incredible gift to our church.
Thank you for your phenomenal work!”

Fr. Max Cole, Pastor, Holy Angels Church, Chagrin Falls, OH




Greg's years in both the corporate world (16) and in ministry development (14) allow him to have a complete picture of what is needed to help bring a staff together. Attendees will be renewed in purpose, recommit to their choice to work for the organization or church, understand their need to work together as one team, and reflect on their personal desires to attain goals for the common good.



As volunteers in a church, all councils play a role in working as a liaison between the people and the pastor. Learning to juggle work, personal life, and the commitments made to the council can be hard. We must bring out the gifts of each person so they feel heard and their time doesn't reflect an "exercise in futility." Greg spent 5 years on his own church's parish council, including being President.



Leaders of organizations and individual ministries need the tools necessary to guide the people entrusted to them, but also must take time away to refocus on how they are leading in the process. This might entail a personal journey to restore their own soul, or possibly a deeper time in prayer to once again focus on how God is calling them to lead. Greg has a unique gift to challenge managers of teams to look within themselves to find answers to challenges and future vision.



Sometimes an individual would like to go deeper into an area focused on during a group presentation. With a "spiritual director" style, Greg focuses on the whole person- mind, body, and soul; to help them reach their goals. Every one of us needs a person who will journey with us, and sometimes we need a professional to get us to where we want to be in faith and life.

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