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“It has been a while since I felt worthy of love, and I really don't think I would believe that if it wasn't for you taking the time to speak with me. For the first time in a long time, I went to bed at peace with myself. From the bottom of my heart, thank you."

Rachel, Diocesan Staff Day, Cleveland, OH




Greg shares a special connection with the young people of our church, helping them to relate faith & real life together in an understandable approach. Additionally, adults are included to share in the message to create further conversation long after the day is over. Over the last decade, Greg has offered Confirmation preparation to thousands of teens. His love of the Eucharist has helped prepare children for the sacrament with a better understanding of the gift of Jesus.



Greg and Aimee Wasinski have been married for 28 years and certainly can share the twists and turns that the journey of marriage offers. They had to grow in their love of the Lord together and relate to one another regardless of where the other was on their faith journey. As a couple, Greg is the ultimate storyteller and Aimee uses her gift of singing, that she honed during her career as a professional actress in musical theatre, to engage couples in conversation, prayer, reflection, and ultimately, helping couples discover a pathway to making God the center of their relationship.



The very first witness ever given by Greg, over 15 years ago, was at a men's retreat. Men have to challenge one another to remain accountable to God and those we love while being an example of the leader Christ was during His time on Earth. Greg offers conference keynotes and specific parish retreats to inspire and guide the men of our your community. 

GWaz First Friday 2017.jpg


Greg has a strong passion for the senior generation of our church, that he feels have been forgotten. While most churches are filled with older parishioners, we need to help bridge the gap of understanding their role in the family of the church. We must help the senior community be reminded about the vocation they have lived, while gaining an understanding of their purpose and mission since

Vatican II has changed worship.

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