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Matthew Kelly

Founder, Dynamic Catholic

Where Faith & Real Life Come Together, by Greg Wasinski, is practical and accessible. I wish there were one hundred more books like it that I could recommend to people.
Read it. Share it. Live it.

Martha (event attendee),

Buffalo, NY

I know others who have left the church and them seeing Greg's presentation would help bring them back.

Lisette (mission attendee),

Fort Myers, FL

 I felt God speaking to me—I had chills through my body, tears streaming down my eyes, and joy in my heart. Thank you for rekindling my relationship with the Lord.


Greg Wasinski is a full-time Speaker and Author who has traveled the country since 2009 sharing a message of hope through faith. He has presented in over 120 cities, across 27 states and 2 countries. His podcasts and video blogs have been seen around the world, inspiring others to commit more deeply to a relationship with God and helping the faithful to better understand "why we believe what we believe." Prior to his life in ministry, Greg had a career for thirteen years as a corporate executive in both the marketing and golf course industries. It was God's call to leave that life behind for a vocation to inspire others to build a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.


He is the Founder and Director of the Faith and Real Life Initiative (, part of the 501(c)3 non-profit ministry, LMBM Inc. (which stands for "Let Me Be..." Ministries.") Through his role as Executive Director of "Let Me Be..." Ministries, Greg utilizes his vision to create content that is quality and relevant. He resides in Northeast, OH with his wife of 28 years, Aimee; they are the parents of two young adult children. Together, they operate the ministry's 24 acre retreat property located in Southington, OH - Trilogy Retreat Property.


Greg furthered his Catholic-Christian education at John Paul the Great University in Escondido, CA, with an emphasis on Scriptural Theology. He uses this knowledge, along with his practical & relatable approach to evangelize. Greg is the author of multiple books, providing readers a chance to see faith as something attainable regardless of where they are on their faith journey. We are either moving forward or falling away.


From 2015-2020, Greg shared his radio talents on SiriusXM Radio’s, The Catholic Channel, at the request of Cardinal, Timothy Dolan. His "Faith and Real Life Moments" continue to air on Iowa Catholic Radio and EWTN Radio. Currently, he is the voice and producer of the "Faith & Real Life" Podcast found on all podcasting platforms, as well as multiple other video series.

Upon invitation, Greg Wasinski continues to offer business coaching and motivational work sessions to companies who are serious about customer service, a team based work environment, and servant leadership management.


The work Greg does and the lives that are changed cannot be done without a strong and dedicated team behind him.




Libby holds a Masters in Early Childhood Education and an Undergrad Degree in Theology. She has been with the ministry since day one and serves as Greg's Event Coordinator and assistant. Her gifts are invaluable as she works with all of our clients to build a strong relationship to meet their needs and provide the follow up necessary for success.




As the bonding force in their marriage, Aimee fulfilled her vocation as a mother, taking care of their two children in their formative years. Recently, Aimee transitioned into a full-time ministry support role, helping coordinate events and retreats. She is also a vocalist, traveling with Greg for specific events offering her gifts to inspire prayer through song.

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